Wind damage is a significant concern for homeowners, especially in areas prone to storms and high winds. The roof, being the primary shield against external elements, often bears the brunt of these weather conditions. Recognizing the signs of wind damage and understanding the importance of professional intervention is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of your home.

Recognizing the Signs of Wind Damage

1. Granule Loss

One of the most common indicators of wind damage on a shingle roof is granule loss. Over time, as the roof ages, asphalt shingles may lose granules, especially during intense wind conditions. If you notice bare spots on your shingles, it’s a sign that the wind has caused some damage. While minor granule loss might require replacing a few shingles, extensive damage might necessitate a discussion with your insurance company about roofing options.

2. Loose or Missing Shingles

Shingles are designed to be firmly attached to the roof. If you find shingles missing, it’s often an indication that wind has torn them off. Aging shingles can become brittle, making them more susceptible to wind damage. Regardless of the cause, any loose or missing shingles should be replaced promptly.

3. Peeling or Curling Shingles

Shingles that begin to curl or peel, especially around their edges, are often being affected by strong winds. These curled shingles can allow water to seep through, compromising the roof’s primary function of keeping water out.

4. Indoor Leaks

Discovering a leak inside your home is a distressing way to realize your roof might be damaged. A watertight roof should prevent any leaks from forming. If you notice damp spots on your ceiling, it’s essential to locate and repair the source of the leak promptly.

5. Chimney Issues

Changes in the shape or orientation of your chimney can indicate serious roof issues. If the damage has reached a critical point, immediate repairs are necessary.

Why Mend Roofing Recommends Professional Intervention

1. Determine the Extent of the Damage

Mend Roofing believes in the importance of hiring a professional roofer with the necessary experience and qualifications. Professionals can accurately assess the damage to your roof and recommend the best course of action.

2. Identify Even the Smallest Details

While homeowners can conduct a preliminary inspection, professionals can identify hidden issues that might be overlooked. By opting for a professional inspection, you ensure that all damages, even the minor ones, are addressed.

3. Maintain the Value of Your Property

The roof plays a pivotal role in maintaining the overall appeal and value of your property. A damaged roof can significantly reduce your property’s worth. Regular inspections by professionals, like those at Mend Roofing, can help maintain your home’s value.

4. Assistance with Insurance Claims

After a severe storm, dealing with insurance claims can be daunting. Professionals can provide the necessary documentation, including photographs and damage assessments, to streamline the claim process.

5. Avoid Water Damage

Water damage can have severe repercussions, from structural issues to health concerns like mold and mildew. A professional roofing service in Spring TX, like Mend Roofing, can identify potential leak sources and address them before they escalate.


Wind damage is not to be taken lightly. Recognizing the signs and seeking professional intervention, like the services offered by Mend Roofing, can save homeowners significant time, money, and stress. Whether you need a roof repair in Spring TX or are looking for a reliable roofing contractor in Spring Texas, it’s essential to prioritize quality and expertise.